Tailored Cyber Security.


Antivirus (AV) is a seriously controversial topic. If you follow me on twitter I tweeted a link to an article about a quote “Antivirus is dead.” Who said it? Symantec’s senior Vice President, that’s who. Yes, that’s the company that owns Norton Antivirus. So, is it really dead? Yes.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have it on your computer because it will stop things. What this does mean is that it won’t stop anything that’s decent, let alone good. We’ll get into ways to get your home computer away from the “low hanging fruit” status it may be at now.

Getting a little technical really quick. Why is AV dead? AV (which is a funny name for it anyway because most of them try to do more than anti-virus protection) relies on signatures that people write based on whatever malicious activity has been identified. Thus, it relies on something having already been found. If I coded up something right now that was almost exactly like the most popular virus in the world, it wouldn’t get caught. Well, not by AV at least.

Oh and as a final word. Windows isn’t the only Operating System at risk. Computers aren’t the only electronic at risk either.

Is your TV infected? Probably not.

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