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Cloud At Cost Coupons Available!

Hey everyone! Have you ever wanted your own website or dedicated server for something? Well, Cloud At Cost (that I’ve talked about before) is your answer. I have even more good news that may have been spoiled in the article title; I have 50% off coupons!

Whew, now that all that excitement has been spewed onto the table, let’s talk. It seems like everyone has a website as of lately. Let’s be honest too, how annoyed are you when you Yelp! a tasty lookin’ restaurant but you can’t look at their menu because they don’t have a website? With that being said, are you a restaurant owner without a website?

Cutting to the chase, if you or someone you know wants or needs a website then I’m here to help. Looking at Cloud at Cost hosting options they have one-time fees ranging from $35 to $1120. Turns out that’s actually $17.50 to $560 for someone who uses my coupon.

Here’s more good news, you only need one of the lower end servers for your site. Even more good news, Fracture Security can help you set up your website for you. EVEN MORE GOOD NEWS, we can also lock your server down to protect it from the big, bad internet. Good news alert, here at Fracture Security we’re about as flexible as can be. Here’s a list of some of the common services we can set up for you to show you what I mean:

  1. Server security hardening
  2. WordPress setup
  3. Email server
  4. Basic log monitoring
  5. Advanced log and activity monitoring
  6. Custom service programming

That list is not all inclusive by any means. For what would end up costing you maybe $200 you can have a professional and secure website paired with custom email addresses with your domain name (like sypher@fracturesecurity.com). The last two in that list are where things start to get exciting though. They’ll each have their own article in the near future so I won’t say much about them.

The advanced logging and monitoring is something that would end up being a monthly service that will allow us to alert you to any exploitation attempts. That would also lead to us offering our services to respond to whatever may have happened.

Secondly, the custom service programming is for people with some very specific needs. For example, if you have a software product that needs to have a custom serial number check or a computer that reports something in a custom format. We can program the solutions for you and get it set up on the server.

Enough of all of that, if you’d like a code for a coupon or are just interested in the services we can offer let me know. Feel free to email me at sypher@fracturesecurity.com, tweet @fracsec, facebook us, comment on this post, or however else you can come up with!

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