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Cloud at Cost is Awesome


Cloud at Cost is an awesome and cheap place to get a server up and running in the cloud. Use it.


Cloud at Cost is a Canadian company that is like no other. A cheap one-time fee for a server in the cloud isn’t offered anywhere but from Cloud at Cost. Beyond the stellar pricing, they also have some of the most frequent sales I’ve ever seen. Long story short, they rock.

On Black Friday they had a Twitter based sale/giveaway like I’ve never seen. Not only did they have discount codes for up to 90% off but they gave free servers away. 500 of them! Which actually ended up being more because they’re awesome. Sadly, I wasn’t able to score a free server because I was driving the whole day. Turns out people on a computer are faster at copy-and-pasting discount codes than my wife is on my phone.

If you’re looking to set up a website, honeypot, mindcraft server, or whatever else people use servers in the cloud for then Cloud at Cost is the place to get it. There have been some reports of high outages and poor service but while reading those please look at the dates. The most recent complaint I’ve seen was a year ago. I can also testify to quality service as this website has been running on a Cloud at Cost server for almost a year with minimal down time.

Please contact us if you are looking to set something up in the cloud but aren’t comfortable with the technical side of the set up. We’ll have to work out the cost on a case-by-case basis but as always, we’ll do it for as cheap as we can.

Remember, go Cloud at Cost!

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