Tailored Cyber Security.

(don’t) FREAK Out!

FREAK is all over the web. Originally, it was advertised as an iPhone/Android vulnerability. Soon after, Mac OS X was determined as vulnerable. Now, all versions of Windows have been added to the growing list. Are you safe? Should you just abandon computers and move to the hills to live out your dream of being an unplugged lumberjack surviving off the land? While that sounds like the safest solution, barring occasional fisticuffs with the local wildlife, it probably isn’t necessary.

There are a few details about FREAK that can help protect you. First, there’s a website that will check if you are currently vulnerable. Check out https://freakattack.com/ and you’ll see a banner across the top informing you of your vulnerability status. What you may notice is that Firefox isn’t vulnerable. Go Firefox!

Second, you have to visit a vulnerable site. Bad news about this one is that there are a lot of them. If you scroll down on the site from above it will show a list of the most popular sites that are vulnerable. The act of compiling a list of vulnerable sites will help too. It essentially calls out sites for being vulnerable and to patch up.

Don’t freak out by staying up to date with your browser and practice good habits.

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