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Fracture Recovery

Fracture Recovery. What is it?! A new tool that is under development that deals with raw disk reading. That means, it can potentially recover your deleted vacation pictures, tell you if anything is on that cool new USB you got at that convention, or just give you a raw view of the files on your storage device.

This is the beginning of an effort to provide free tools to do super-techno things easily. This part of the vision is pretty obviously based around your storage devices. I don’t know how many people will use anything other than the standard file recovery but I’m building it in anyway. Who knows, maybe you’ll need to take a bit-by-bit copy of a drive or just find all the files. Either way, I intend to give you that capability.

The GoFundMe account is important. The more that account grows the more I’ll be able to do. So please, help me provide these tools for free in the future. I understand prepaid isn’t really free but maybe the people who donate will get something pretty awesome. Bonus features anyone?

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