Tailored Cyber Security.

Fracture Security Store

We are proud to announce the Fracture Security store!

In the next coming days, we will add a new page to our website cleverly named “Store” for you to purchase/rent your security product needs. The first few products will be for rent because they’re the type of products you’ll only need for a short period of time and we’re not about bloatware. We’ll be adding products as we develop them.

One of our first product will be Tremor. It was inspired by our operator toolset, Shiver. Tremor is a product unlike most others in the fact that it improves your computer’s security posture without becoming yet another running agent on your system. It will install browser security plugins, EMET, run updates, disk defragmentation/cleanup, and virus scans.

Another one of our first products is called Fissure. It’s a little different, and not really a security product. It’s a file recovery program that works a little differently behind the scenes than most products. If you’ve accidentally deleted something, Fissure is the key to revive your files.

More information will be coming out about these tools in their own posts when they get published to our store. Please, let us know if there’s anything specific you’d like to see us develop for you!

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