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Glasswire Firewall

A couple of weeks ago my brother says to me, “Hey, I’m looking to download Glasswire. It looks pretty sweet. What do you think?” At that time I’d never even heard of it. That was a huge surprise to me. I spend a lot of time looking for free security products to enhance everyone’s life and security posture. Let’s dig in.

Facing the facts, Windows firewall will do the trick if you just need really simple block and allow rules. You aren’t going to get many alerts, bells, or whistles. Another problem is that it’s too easy to allow things through. For example, you install a new program that accesses the internet and you’re prompted to allow it. Click yes because, duh, you want to use it, then it’s allowed indefinitely.  Another problem is that you can’t really see how much it’s used or if it’s active very easily. Obviously,  there are plenty of ways you can look that information up but we’re talking easy here.

Enter Glasswire. It’s pretty sweet I’ll be honest. We’re going to talk the free version right now. First off, there’s a really awesome interface. The information presented is broken down into a handful of tabs. “Graph” is the primary tab with a pretty scrolling chart that displays your computer’s network usage. You can filter that based on the applications utilizing the network or the protocols being used. The next tab is pretty helpful. It’s the firewall tab where you can block or allow applications. Here’s the kicker though, it shows you the traffic being generated from that application right in the tab. To get a nice overview of application and total network usage the sneakily named tab “Usage” is what you’re looking for. Finally, the alerts. You can review the alerts in the “Alerts” tab. However, you can also pick which alerts you’d like to see popup on your desktop as they happen.

Long story short. Glasswire is pretty sweet. Get after it!

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