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GoFundMe Announcement


A long time ago, I started cleaning computers for friends and family. About 5 years ago, I decided to make a website and a brand for that side hustle. Since then, it’s grown and so have my dreams for it. I’ve laid the foundation of an internet presence and now it’s time to take the next step. It’s time for me to really start my own company.


I’ve launched a GoFundMe campaign. This is an initial fund-raising campaign to help me cover startup costs. As of right now, Fracture is a sole proprietorship (which means I’m the only person involved) which will help keep initial costs down. However, I hope for this campaign to cover some future costs. For example, switching from a sole proprietorship to an LLC. I hope to raise $1,000 to cover both business and technology expenses. As a disclaimer, this is considered “Angel Funding”. In other words, whatever is given won’t be refunded. That shouldn’t scare anyone but is also important for me to broadcast.


I’ve broken my startup expenses into two categories. The first one I call “Business Expenses”. This includes legal fees, registration costs, and anything else that doesn’t involve technology. The second category is “Technology Expenses”. These expenses will include things like upgrading my cloud infrastructure to help improve my website’s reliability and speed.

Business Expenses

All of my business expenses are based on New York State standards. The first expense that I have is to file a “Doing Business As” or DBA. Due to being a sole proprietor, my company is legally called “Brian Sypher”. The DBA allows me to use Fracture Security as a legal name that I can do business as. That only costs $33. A sole proprietorship leaves my personal assets vulnerable where an LLC would protect me. As soon as I start to interface with clients I’ll need to file for an LLC. That will cost about $300. My last initial business expense is advertising. This will be a range but I intend to start with a $100 ad campaign.

Technology Expenses

A huge priority is to improve my cloud infrastructure. This will help make my website more reliable and responsive. This upgrade is a one-time payment of $255. Another set of upgrades I intend on making is on my office equipment. These upgrades as a whole would cost around $300.

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