Tailored Cyber Security.


The world is a dangerous place. There are some talented hackers out
there that do some incredible things. How do you catch them? Let them
hack you of course! A honeypot is a system that is built to be
vulnerable but also logs everything that happens. A network of these
machines is called a honeynet. The idea here is that one of those
talented hackers will see this machine as a nice juicy target and
strike. Once that happens all of the methods will ideally be tracked.

will focus on specific information. For example, one honeypot I use is a
fake WordPress blog. The idea is to catch exploitation of specific web
vulnerabilities. All the techniques should be logged between the host
and network monitoring. What does this mean for an every day user?

It means that us defenders are doing everything we can to keep up with the attackers. I do my best to identify some of these tactics and look for them on the systems that I clean. These are the the kind of skilled operators that can easily bypass antivirus. Techniques used are also the kind that only look “weird” on a system. Good news! I excel at weird. You can feel a little safer with Fracture Security in your corner.

Sadly, there is bad news. There will always be hackers out there that nobody can catch. Again, let’s just get you away from the “low-hanging fruit” status.

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