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Siri, Google Now, Cortana, Viv, and now Houndify. These are all virtual assistants you may have access to. As you may have guessed, I’m going to talk about Houndify. Before I do that, I need to say that I haven’t used it yet.

The biggest difference between all of them and Houndify is its cross-platform capability. This is great news for my quest to build my own JARVIS aka Project Galahad. Perhaps this means I’ll just be able to use Houndify as Galahad. However, I think I’ll need to customize it to the point to where all of my devices can reach one brain.

Let’s take a step back. Houndify isn’t a whole lot different than the other AI projects. Yet, there are a few pretty cool differences. Have you ever tried semi-convoluted follow-on commands? Sometimes they work but most of the time it’s like a brand new query. I noticed Siri tends to be really bad in this department. Houndify claims to be stellar with complex follow-on commands. I’ll be the judge of that when I get my developer’s account. Second cool thing has already been mentioned. Cross-platform capability is huge. It can run on everything from a Raspberry Pi to a Windows desktop.

All this is great right but what’s it mean to Galahad? For starters, like I said I may be able to alter my focus from creating a good AI to other things. The biggest thing this means for Galahad is that I don’t need to worry about creating an AI for all of my devices. My primary focus now is to build a shared brain for all of my devices running Galahad. This way, whether I’m in my house, car, on a run, or sleeping I have the same Galahad. As I do things with my phone it updates the same database used by my computer.

You’ll be the first to know as I carry along on my voyage.

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