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Do you have some computer skills? Want to have a contract based side-gig to bring in some cash?

If the answer is yes then join our team! Being a Fracture operator is probably the most flexible position you could hold. You find your own clients, schedule your own jobs, and use our toolset/methodology. The only catch is that you only get paid for the work you do. However, that also means that we don’t rest any requirements or expectations on you when it comes to workload. If you’re busy then don’t work, if you’re free pick up as many jobs as you can.

Let me answer a few questions before they’re asked.

What kind of work is this?
A simple computer cleaning service. Feel free to clean any home user’s computer that you can find. If you find a small business that wants your services we’ll just need to coordinate to cover you legally depending on the business. For example, if social security or credit card numbers are involved.

How will it be done?
We’ll provide you with our toolset that has been developed in-house. You can either run this through a remote connection (we like TeamViewer) or in person. The only dependencies are the .NET Framework 4.6 and the actual executable to run your cleaning. We also have the .NET Framework 4.6 installer available to bring with you. Once you run this and some of the corresponding third-party tools we use you’ll generate a report.

How do I get paid?
A standard cleaning will run a client $75. Fracture Security will take $25 and you’ll keep $50. If that sounds steep, just consider that because of our toolset you’ll be earning this money in roughly 20 minutes. The client will pay Fracture the entire amount through PayPal (no account needed). Once that payment is received you’ll be paid your $50 from it.

What does the toolset do?
The toolset, Shiver, will automate our three-step process of Gather-Analyze-Eradicate. First, it gathers basic system information, network connections, installed programs, and event logs. It will also take actions based on what it finds. For example, if Firefox (our go-to browser) isn’t found, it will install it along with Disconnect, Adblock+, WoT, and HTTPSEverywhere as plugins. Another third-party tool we install is EMET. Secondly, it will download HerdProtect, MalwareBytes, and CCleaner. The operator will need to run those three separately based on need. Finally, Shiver will run a disk defragmentation and the disk cleanup utility. From that point, it’s up to the operator to act on what the suite of tools has found.

Shiver allows the operator to view the list of installed programs and uninstall them with a click. Batch uninstalls are also possible simply by selecting multiple programs. When viewing network connections, an operator can see what programs are executing them. They can also view the modules loaded into each program just by double-clicking it. Finally, the operator can also kill the connection by ending the owning process with the click of a button.

When can I start? And How?
Email us at info@fracturesecurity.com and we can get you started as soon as you sign the contract to not misuse our tools or anything like that. Once that happens, you just need to get your own jobs and we’ll check out a copy of Shiver for you to work with.

Have any more questions? Feel free to comment here or email us!

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