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Mac Viruses and other malicious things

Let’s start this off right. Computers are innately insecure. Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS, Unix, I don’t care; if a user exists there are insecurities. If it is connected to a network (the Internet per say) there are insecurities. Now, Mac users, I’m not attacking you. I’ll get to Linux, Windows, and mobile devices soon.

Now that’s out of the way, check out this article! Give it a quick read through. Now, check out the date on that puppy! April 6, 2012 was over two years ago. The days of “I’m safe because I have a Mac” are long gone. But what else is there?

Let’s take a step back and analyze what malware is. In a twisted way, malware is just another program that runs on your computer that happens to perform malicious actions. Malware = Malicious Software. Don’t think that it’s some crazy voodoo that only exists on Windows systems. Even Forbes has an article about Mac’s issue with malware.

I guess I’ve gotten a little generic. Kaspersky gives a solid example (again from 2012) of a botnet called Flashfake or Flashback that infected 600,000 systems which 98% of which were running some version of Mac OS X. Botnets are some of the hottest commodities as a hacker right now. You are a lot more powerful with 600,000 machines than you are with just one. I’ll get into botnets another day though…

My point here is to raise awareness. Don’t assume safety because of your operating system. Over the next few days I’ll hit each popular home operating system but there will be a running trend: don’t assume safety.

Do you have a Mac? What do you do to stay safe?

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