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Mobile Hacking Kit

This is a little different than most of my posts. I’ll also say that it can be found elsewhere on the internet. However, you’d have to look in several places to put all of this together. Also, a warning; I’ll be mixing facts, theories, plans and dreams into one article. I’ll do my best to identify each as such but I won’t promise it. First, I’ll map out the overall plan. Part of this plan is done and a handful of it is theoretical. With that being said, I think I have a pretty good technical plan to accomplish the entire thing.

Let’s start with hardware. As you may think, a “mobile hacking kit” will probably require some batteries, small devices, and a little subterfuge. I’ll drop links to buy the devices that I mention as well. It all starts with a bag. I’m a HUGE fan of my GORUCK GR1. Check it out, it’s a little expensive but it’s low-key, hugely functional, and the most durable bag you’ll find. Seriously, I’ve done a lot of stuff in that bag, including two GORUCK challenges and it’s getting better with age like a fine wine. The next non-technical yet hugely important piece of equipment is the Cocoon Grid-It which I use to keep everything together nicely. That thing is at the very least, the answer.

Next, let’s get to some more tools (still low-tech stuff) that you may find useful along the way. According to Lifehacker and Mr. Robot (which I’ll be referencing several times throughout),  a “Credit Card-sized Lockpick Set” is useful. Honestly, nobody is going to think that incognito lockpick set is actually a credit card. You might as well buy a lockpick set with some good handles and put it in your Cocoon as you so desire. Don’t waste your time on the Credit Card set… get one like this. If you don’t know how to pick a lock, Google it. I also suggest a lighter, padlock, and screen cleaner.

At this point, we have a GR1, Cocoon, lockpick set, lighter, padlock, and screen cleaner. Good start but you won’t be hacking much other than a door at this point. We’ll get back to this but the primary device will be a Rasberry Pi. At the time of writing, I’m using a Raspberry Pi 3. I suggest attaching several things to the Pi. First, you’ll need an Alfa Antenna to start working on the WiFi. This is a very powerful tool because you can get different antennas as needed and attach it to this USB card. It doesn’t get any easier. I’d also suggest a GPS puck like this one. With this GPS puck, you can wardrive and create an actual map to display the networks identified. I suggest using WigleWifi for this. The next piece of tech is a Bluetooth dongle that will let you “interact” with other Bluetooth devices. If you’re feeling crazy, look into the Ubertooth One to really up your game. Finally, you’ll need a cell phone like a Nexus 5 to put Kali NetHunter on.

Now, I think we have a bag (GR1), organization device (Cocoon), lockpick set, technology and some creativity looming. However, we need to power this. There are a ton of options for powering the Raspberry Pi. Also, that’s the glory of this setup; you really only need to power the Pi which will have everything linked to it via USB. You can come up with whatever battery pack you’d like; including solar-powered ones. However, this one is popular for a reason. Congrats! Now your mobile hacking kit is powered up and has a ton of potential. Ya know what they say about potential though…

Let’s turn that potential energy into kinetic energy, shall we? Maybe not kinetic exactly but whatever… Check out STICKY FINGER’S setup here. He outlines how to set up a pretty awesome Kali Pi for you that will even let you leverage a touchscreen. However, a screen isn’t really necessary for us in this setup. We’ll be leaving the Pi, antennas, and the like in our bag. Interaction with it will be based on a Bluetooth PAN. We’ll get that setup so that your phone can SSH or otherwise interact with the hacking system in your bag without seeming fishy.

Here’s our summary. We have a bag (GR1), with a Cocoon holding our Raspberry Pi 3 powered by a battery pack, Alfa card, GPS puck, Bluetooth dongle, lockpicks, lighter, and screen cleaner. I’d also suggest finding a place for your phone charger. Kali is loaded on the Pi and NetHunter is on the phone. The Pi is also hosting a PAN to allow for the phone to connect to it without a wifi network. Thus, as you walk around you can just have your phone in your hand (like everyone else) yet you’ll be handling a hacking station ready to take on nearly anything.

What’s next? How about a cloud-based cracking station? What about scripts to manage intricate actions to minimize typing? What about a custom app to manage those scripts? What about a totally autonomous program running that will identify certain things, gather the required information, send it to the cloud, receive the returned cracked information, and an app to watch it all happen? Stay tuned…

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