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Programming Series Welcome

Call this your official welcome to a new series! Woot!!

As a slight aside, type “Woot!!” (without the quotes) into a Google Hangouts chat for a fun, fist-pumping animation.

Now that we got that out of the way, I’d like to welcome all programmers. I understand that all programmers know literally everything and their way is always the best. Trust me, I’m a programmer, I know. However, this series is as much of a call for help as it is a place for me to rant about all the things. When you disagree with me about things, tell me. No reason to get angry or degrading when people get things wrong or ask for help. With that being said, I hope everyone can feel free to ask questions and provide their best answers alike.

Before I talk about anything of substance I’d like to lay down a few guidelines.

1. Be as detailed as possible. All the time.
   a. When you ask questions, provide sample code, exact errors, and where you’ve already looked.
   b. When you answer a question make zero assumptions and also provide example code.

2. Be mature… I know this is a lot to ask the internet
3. If you have a request, make it!
4. Feel free to email me at programming@fracturesecurity.com

Talk to you next time.

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