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Project Galahad Update – Jasper

I have been perusing the internet, trying to find open source projects that have started the AI concept. First, I wanted to utilize Cortana, then I was going to use Houndify, blah blah blah. Jasper is my new go-to. I don’t want to use Cortana/Google Now/Siri because they link to Windows/Google/Apple respectively to harvest my data. I’m still waiting for my Houndify developer account and apparently have grown too impatient. After some solid web-searching I stumbled across Jasper.

Jasper is a Python-based, open-source solution geared towards the Raspberry Pi. So far, so good. A nice bonus, I can change the name! It gets better too. Jasper is pretty flexible so I can use different STT and TTS engines as I please. By the way, that’s Speech-To-Text and Text-To-Speech engines. Google, ATT, open-source projects, and more are available to use. This is starting to sound perfect for me!

There are downsides though. So far, it isn’t quite as powerful as some of the commercial products. This pretty much just means that I need to code that up and make it happen. On the other side of the coin, I will be able to get this out to the community whenever I code an improvement. I haven’t been able to test it very much at all as I just got it installed on my Raspberry Pi last night.

Once I get Galahad (Jasper) running on the standard stuff I look to expand to what I talked about in my last post. After that, I’ll start moving my work to the community. Hopefully you’ll be able to have your very own AI in your home in the near future. Specifically, one that you can be sure of what it’s doing with your data.

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