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Remote Access – Computers

I use one thing to have full access to my computers. Teamviewer.

There are several other options to remotely access your computer. Teamviewer has been the easiest. I’m in the midst of switching things up a bit to improve my security. What exactly is that?

I decided that using a third party application isn’t the most secure thing in the world. There are plenty of better routes to take. First, let’s set up a secure VPN. What’s a VPN? A Virtual Private Network is a way for you to connect to a network from a geographically separated location. A lot of people use it to connect to work from home or vice versa. Lifehacker has an awesome article about setting up a rockin’ VPN here (http://bit.ly/1icHQU4).

Alright, awesome now we’re all set up to connect to our home network! What’s next? Well what kind of OS are you using? Every OS has a built in remote desktop function. Use it! Why do I push built in so strongly? Well we can go ahead and say that this 3rd party remote access application isn’t too secure (http://bit.ly/1tH4V8m).

We can take this VPN connection to whole new levels of access too. We’ll get into how you can use  this for varying levels of need. For example, you can use the VPN access to just simply acquire files, stream media, or quite honestly do whatever you want.

We’ll get into some other ideas you can take advantage of next time! Let me know what you do for remote access.

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