Tailored Cyber Security.

Remote Access – Files

First step is for files. You have an incredible number of options when it comes to cloud based storage. I’ll tell you how I work.
Dropbox. I keep all of my relatively unimportant stuff there. I don’t suggest putting really important information anywhere on the cloud. Instead I would keep that stuff on a local drive wherever you feel comfortable. If you feel comfortable with it then toss it onto a flashdrive and encrypt it. We’ll get to encryption another time.
Back to Dropbox. I have my phone set up to sync my pictures up to create a backup there. That way I can delete the pictures off of my phone periodically with no worries. Next, I throw any personal documents on there not including legal, financial, etc documentation. Now I have everything accessible from my phone, work computer, laptop, desktop, public computer, etc.
Now for Google Drive. I pair an IFTTT recipe up with my Drive to automate a few things with my email. If I get an email with a receipt in it for a purchase I made it will be saved into my Receipts folder. Creative I know. I also have it save every attachment I get into another cleverly named folder: Attachments. Sound like a security concern? I mean what about malicious attachments? I pose this question. Where do you think I get my best malware?
Drive is the same deal as Dropbox. You can now access your malware… I mean files… anywhere!
A few other services that I use on a less frequent basis includes SkyDrive, SugarSync, and Bitcasa Infinite Drive. I used to use Ubuntu One as well, however, that project has died… RIP.
So you use a bunch of these now right? Check out multcloud.com. It’ll let you organize all of your cloud services in one place. Pretty helpful if you ask me.
How about security? Heres a good start: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2105100/loaded-and-locked-3-seriously-secure-cloud-storage-services.html
That article says it right at the end. Encrypt locally then upload your stuff. Thats a good principle for everything. We’ll get into encryption another time.

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