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Remote Access mini-series

Everyone wants to be able to get all of their stuff no matter where they are. I’m going to post a quick series this coming week about how you can do that. We’ll talk about how to access files, favorites, full systems, and more throughout the series. Obviously, we’ll also take some time to do all of this securely.

Before we start though, it’s important to look at your setup and determine what you need/want. If you NEED access to some files everywhere you go and that’s all, don’t waste your time setting up a VPN for remote access to your whole computer. Instead just set up a cloud-based file syncing service.

That sounds pretty obvious now, however, when we get started it’ll be easy to get carried away and set everything up. No matter how “securely” we set things up, the more convenience you have the less security there is. It’s an inverse relation because as convenience increases, security decreases; everytime.

Also, keep an eye on my twitter because I’ll be tweeting out some useful links and giving shoutouts to programs I’ll be writing about.

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