Tailored Cyber Security.

Security is Simple

I’ve noticed something. Amongst all of the news breaking hacks and 0-days flying around, there’s something even more scary. The lack of simple steps to not even secure something but just not broadcast it to the world is terrifying. There’s really no shortage of examples either.

A few months ago, Uber got hacked. Why? They published a security key to the public repository at GitHub. This wasn’t a crippling hack or even very bad. However, it was totally avoidable. Simply, don’t publish critical data to the public web.

Next, a French TV station was hacked by ISIS. How you ask? During an interview you could see papers hanging in the background. On those papers was the station’s YouTube account password. ISIS loves its YouTube and passwords.

Not done yet, a London rail station was also compromised. This time it was a documentary where the credentials were seen taped to a monitor. That opens a whole new can of worms. We need to get away from post-it note password security and locking away critical information in the keyboard vault.

Stop giving hackers your password. Security isn’t hard. Just do it.

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