Tailored Cyber Security.


Fracture can help you at work and at home. Pricing will always be clear and the service will be premium no matter how big or small the job.

Business Consulting

We can work with you and your company to solve problems ranging from technology installations to security audits.

Direct Support

This is split into 3 tiers. One time service ($75/node), Continual maintenance ($50/node; min 5), VIP ($30/month).

One time service

Fracture will connect to your computer and perform important maintenance, an in-depth malware search, and provide a report with a customized plan to maximize security. Typically, this takes about an hour and the report will be delivered within 24 hrs of completion. It will annotate everything done during the service as well as a way ahead. If any kind of issue is identified within 7 days, a free follow up is included to fix said issue. If desired, an email reminder can be sent after an agreed-upon amount of time.

Continual Maintenance

Fracture will perform the same parts of the “One time service” at a discounted rate for multiple systems or visits. There is a minimum of 5 services that can be flexibly scheduled.


Fracture will put a small device on the network that can accomplish an array of tasks. This device isn’t a “parental control” device that monitors the content of the network. It looks for suspicious and malicious activity on the network instead. The device can also reach out to computers on the network to perform the above maintenance on a schedule without interruption.