Tailored Cyber Security.

State of the Union

The cyber world is a scary place. There have been a lot of breaches hitting the news lately; OPM, AshleyMadison.com, etc. On top of these confirmed attacks, there’s also a few stories that look strange. I’m talking about United Airlines grounding all flights at the same time that the New York Stock Exchange halted all sales; both due to “technical difficulties.” Those aren’t even the scary ones. Russians reading President Obama’s emails and schedule, Patriot missiles being taken over by hackers, and the worst of all, Pizza Hut Israel’s website being defaced are the scariest ones!

Next story, we can talk about the proof of concept hacks. For example, Wireless Carjackers. Pretty crazy idea that someone is capable of that. Along the same vein you can hack a car with some hardware like the CANtact. Apart from cars, hackers can control you TV as well. This is an article from 2013 that talks about hackers controlling your TV. A little closer to home is the amount of malware in the wild for smart phones.

It’s looking pretty ugly out there. Are you ever really safe? Probably not. I’ll be honest. However, we can do something about it. Take control of your security. I’ve talked about how to do that several times in this blog. Most of the time when a website is hacked the only thing leaked is your username and password. If a site requires more information than that you need to weigh out your decision to supply it or not. Saving credit cards on target.com may not be a good idea.

Take control people!

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