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String crashes Chrome on Mac

I tweeted it and I’m being told not to put it in this post but you can find it pretty easily. Unless, of course, you’re using Chrome on an Apple device. What is it? It’s a string of Aramaic characters that crash the current tab in Chrome. One fine Gizmodo user claims it translates directly to English as “About The There”.

Why do I care? Mostly because this supports my view that the internet isn’t a safe place. I mean really, your Mac is in danger here! What exactly do we do when an impenetrable asset is proven vulnerable? Panic. Obviously.

Instead of falling for the facetious nature of the last “paragraph” you could not panic. Really, don’t panic. Stay aware of things that are happening in the cyber world whether you enjoy it or not. You will be infinitely more secure just by knowing that these kind of things are out there. Just by paying attention you’ll find that most of the vulnerabilities target a specific platform. At some point you may have to temporarily change which browser you use to avoid the vulnerability.

Oh also, that link above contains the string so don’t look at it via Chrome on a MacBook… or do?

This has been fixed by Chrome. Thankfully, Chrome version 41.0.2272.104 has been released to correct the foreign character crash.

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