Tailored Cyber Security.

Tax Season Scams

Tax season isn’t quite as merry as Christmastide. Don’t let your desire for it to finish cloud your judgement!
Writing your financial information may start feel as second nature as
your signature. Scammers thrive on complacency. Keep your wits about you
and your financial information safeguarded.

Beyond tax season
scammers, there are also some pretty serious security flaws. We’re not
talking Superfish but instead simple lapses between the keyboard and
chair. Ars Technica (http://goo.gl/ldpByY) posted an interesting article
about H&R Block sending personal information to the wrong person.
The people share first and last names but H&R Block sent enough
information to hijack tax returns to the wrong person. I quote from Ars,
“E-mail verification is a standard practice—or at least it should be.”
Be wary if you don’t validate that it is indeed your email address that
you signed up with during account setup.

These are things to
pay attention to all year but are also easy to let slip when in a rush.
Make it through doing your taxes so that you can enjoy your refund!
computer compromises don’t have to be in the form of difficult
exploits. Instead, they typically come from poor security practices.

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