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The Efficiency Series – Forgotten topics

I finished the efficiency series off and totally forgot a few things to mention.
First, Feedly. Feedly.com is an RSS feed aggregator that looks really good. You can sign up for free but there are paid for services available. I have the free version and have been fully satisfied with it. You can also make an IFTTT recipe to save articles to your evernote if you want. So head on over to feedly.com and add Fracsec.blogspot.com to your rss feed!
Next, Wunderlist. Evernote is awesome for remembering things but it isn’t a checklist, although you could make it one. Enter wunderlist. It’s a great quick and easy to do app for your Android, iPhone or computer. Create a shopping list that someone can add to after you’ve gone to the store with their collaborative environment. Set repeating tasks with alerts to ensure you pay bills on time. It’s clean easy and they just released a huge update that I’m lovin!
So get out there and see what else you can find to make your life more full of life instead of electronics.

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