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The Efficiency Series – GTD+Evernote

Now that we’ve gotten our browser all set up we can move into our general organization tool. Enter Evernote. This is where Getting Things Done (GTD) will start playing a bigger role. For a deeper explanation of this post, check out The Secret Weapon.

First step, sign up for an Evernote account if you don’t have one already. We’re going to set up a few notebooks and tags to get you on your way. The biggest thing here is the philosophy behind everything. That philosophy is that your brain is for having ideas, not storing them.

Lets set up the notebooks. Remember, I’ll give you specifics but always think about how you can tailor it to help you. There are three essential notebooks to have. They are ‘Cabinet’, ‘Actions Pending’, and ‘Completed’. You can rename them to whatever you want. But the idea is that the Cabinet will hold all of your non-to-do type things. For example, general disorganized ideas, records, etc. The Actions Pending folder is for exactly that; to-do material. Finally, Completed is a pretty self explanatory notebook as well.

Here’s some tags to start organizing your notes at a deeper level:

.Active Projects
.Inactive Projects
[Family member names]

One of the biggest things is to properly tag your notes. It will help organize them and also improve your search functionality.  We’re going to move some of these tags under the others to transform them to sub-tags. Drag them around to make it resemble this tree structure:

  • .What
    • .Active Projects
    • .Inactive Projects
    • Read/Review
  • .When
    • !Daily 
    • 1-Now 
    • 2-Next 
    • 3-Soon 
    • 4-Later 
    • 5-Someday 
    • 6-Waiting
  • .Who
    • Drag all of your family member names here
  • .Where
    • @home
    • @work
    • @town 

Now what we’ll be doing is getting all of our to-do’s, goals, ideas, and anything else put into Evernote. That’s your task until our next post where we’ll get into the Gmail part of this.

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