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The Efficiency Series – IFTTT Integration

If This Then That (IFTTT) is a pretty sweet tool. The question is, what can it do for you? Maybe things entirely different than what it does for me. Obvious next question, what does it do for me?

From a Fracture Security side it makes my life breezy. For example, when I publish this post it will tweet a message to check the new post. Then, it will post a message on my FracSec Facebook page saying the same thing. Finally, it will post to my Google+ page with the same message. This is a pretty simple example of what you can do with IFTTT.

So, what is it? Go to ifttt.com and check it out! You’ll make an account and be able to link most of your online services to it. They’re coming out with new “channels” (it’s what they call the services you can link to) all the time. After starting an account you can make “recipes” to do things automatically for you.

Another fun example is the “Text-to-Escape” recipe. You link your phone to the account and whenever you text a certain message to the number IFTTT will give you, they call you and read the message to you. You can use it to escape awkward situations that you need to get out of.

On the personal side I use it too. I use it to log every text message and phone call to a spreadsheet in my Google Drive. I use it to post saved RSS feeds to my Evernote. I use it to make my life a bit easier.

How can you make this useful for your life? If you have been following along in this series then Evernote is kind of the basis of everything you do. You can make a rule to save every starred message to a certain notebook in Evernote. This way everytime you star something it will automatically save into your Evernote where you need it. Thus, getting it out of your inbox. Check out Evernote’s tips on emailing notes in. That could be a pretty good way to improve on this system. I just thought of that while typing this.

In the end, limits are set at your imagination. If you find that you can’t do something then contact the IFTTT people and tell them. They’re super responsive and helpful. Finally, if you’d like more of the recipes I use or any help making a useful recipe, let me know!

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