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The Efficiency Series – Introduction

Today I’m going to start a series of posts to help improve your efficiency. This is a touch off of my normal topics, however, I realized that I have referenced some of these tips in the past. The end game is for you to have an optimized work flow that’s tailored to your needs. I will give you granular details on how I do things but I’ll also try to push the theory to you so that you can retrofit it to your needs.

Two incredibly helpful resources for me along the way have been Getting Things Done by David Allen and Lifehacker.com. I’ll get into the technical details of each section over the next few postings but first I’ll go over what tools we’ll be utilizing.

Over the next week or so I’ll break down my whole work flow in a relatively organized fashion. I’ll start with how I have by browser set up to optimize both security and efficiency. Then, I’ll move into some of the tools I use on a daily basis like Gmail, Evernote, IFTTT, Feedly, and Social Networking.

As we go I’ll plug you into a few other applications to help get things automated. We’ll get all the above tools working together to help improve your security and also open up some time through your day. Everybody wants more free time right?

In the end, I’ll have shared a whole bunch of fun tips with you. What I’m hoping for is some responses on what you do to expand on these. So, let me know.

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