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The Efficiency Series – Social Networking

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and anything else you might use is just another place for you to check on things. How do we turn these optimized time-wasters into efficient tools?

The biggest thing here is cutting off the fat. Do you have an exorbitant number of friends? When was the last time you checked your security settings? How about the last time you reviewed the information you’re sharing?

Let’s start with the latter and work our way backwards. Before you log in, go to your profile and see what’s public. If you can’t get to your profile then things are lookin’ good so far. Have a room mate, spouse, friend, family member, or someone, log in to their account and see what they can see about you. Finally, it’s your turn to log in. Look at what information you’ve given them. This is going back to limiting your footprint but you need to take everything out that isn’t necessary. Think about removing your phone number, address, and maybe even start clearing out your interests. If it’s your friends checking in on you on Facebook, they should already know that you like the NBA Champions San Antonio Spurs.

While you’re cutting down on what information you have stored, dive into your security settings. Maybe you want some things to be public, but maybe you don’t. Keep in mind that social media sites are great at changing their security policies so that they can reset your settings. Keep on your settings, they should be checked frequently.

Finally, check who your friends are. Do you need to be friends with that one kid from high school who you talked to two or three times about a decade ago? Seriously, de-friend the random people, de-friend the annoying posters, un-follow the sketchy guy you met at the bar. Cut it down to the essentials and I guarantee you will like what your social media feeds look like much more.

Jump back to why you need to control your footprint too and get an idea of why it’s good to do all of the above. But in the name of efficiency, you’ll find that these sites are now looking a lot more clean and that you don’t spend as much time on them. There is a better way to “waste” time too. We’ll get into that in the wrap up.

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