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The Efficiency Series – Wrap up

Over the past few days I’ve gone over what I do to keep my workspace efficient. There are a few other things that I don’t typically use that you may find useful though. One of those things is AutoHotkey for Windows. I guess the more important thing to take away from that is the ability to press one key, or just when something happens, and have a whole task be completed for you. These are called macros.

AutoHotkey has its own little scripting language that’s really easy to learn. Once you learn it you can do wonders on your computer. One stupid example, I set a macro to press a few keys in a specific sequence. What did that accomplish? It leveled up my character in a video game while I was out to dinner with my wife. Maybe you can use AutoHotkey to do something a little more useful than I did.

What do you do with all this new free time that you have? I can’t suggest focusing on your overall health enough. You need to take the time to do a few pushups, stretches, squats, or maybe even a bit of yoga. Lifehacker has a good article on how to use your lunch break more effectively which you can take the message away and apply it to all of your breaks or free time.

But like I said, this series was about what I do to be efficient. What do you do? What have you leveraged some of these tools to do differently? I’m always looking to improve my situation as well, so let me know what you do to stay lean!


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