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Using DoNotSpy for Windows 10

This article is driven purely by an emotional response to an article on a site I respect. Excuse my ranting…

TheHackerNews published an article yesterday about how to change 37 Windows 10 settings to further secure your computer. As stated in the article, it’s a German made tool that provides a list of settings to change upon execution. The tool is called DoNotSpy.

I’m not going to go through each one, however, they’re not all bad. Running this program blindly will disable a looottt of stuff. Let’s dig in.

Biometrics are an awesome alternative to a password. Authentication requires something you know or something you are… there’s more but we only need those two for this example. A password is something you know. Your fingerprint or facial structure is something you have. Which one is better? Try forgetting your fingerprint. It is true that biometrics can be broken. A high res photo of your face can be used on bad cameras. I’ve actually tested that by pulling up a picture of mine off social media and it unlocked my phone. There are checks to make sure you’re there though like waiting for a blink. Long story short, you don’t want to disable biometrics. You probably want to use them.

A big problem I have with this list is the option to defer windows upgrades and automatic driver updates. These are important! Very rarely will anyone outside of an enterprise admin have to worry about automatic updates. Those 0-days that come out every day are being combatted by these updates. Let them be!

The last one I’ll talk about is disabling Windows Defender and its updates. Unless you use another AV then don’t disable Defender. There’s no point. You won’t get a boost in speed or privacy. This blows my mind that you’d want to disable this to improve your privacy.

A lot of the other ones depend on your use style. If you use Cortana then it’d be dumb to disable it. It’d also be dumb to disable access to your calendar or search. When all the dust settles, one moral is left standing. Use your brain when doing things. Humans must retain critical thoughts.

PS DoNotSpy will pop on your AV because it’s doing so much to your computer. Do you trust it?

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